The Tree, The Goal and The Rocket Powered Vehicle

Legacy eSports has been involved in the Rocket League scene now for over 6 months. This has seen our roster perform to a high level and be a strong contender in the scene reliably over this period, and seen the organisation become more experienced in how to engage and support the Rocket League Community.

Our original core roster of Soma, Eren and Orion came to us from the independent team Karasuno. Today it is with a bittersweet feelings that we announce that Orion, a founding member of the Legacy Rocket League squad, will be stepping away from the Legacy organisation. We wish him all the best with his future eSports career and thank him for the proud service and passionate commitment he has given to Legacy.

We here at Legacy are strong believers in stable rosters and player development. We have worked extensively with our rocket league squad on the mental aspects of performance, good communications practices and invested into the teamwork and fun sides of being an eSports professional in Oceania.

So it is with delight that we announce our new FIVE man roster for Rocket League today. While Soma and Eren still remain as core members of the roster we will be working with GroovyGrape, Drippay and Penor as a rotating Third Man and Sub. This will mean that on any given competition day you will see a Legacy Roster featuring any of the above 5 players.

Our Third Man/Sub position will be routinely rotated amongst the group of 5.

Our intent here is to provide the platform for our players to perform at the peak of their sport on a regular basis, and combine this with a resilience and depth of roster that allows for players to have a healthy life balance as well. We believe that international success is dependent on building a team capacity that currently exceeds nearly all other Oceanic rosters and organisations current capacity.

We intend to demonstrate Oceanic talent on a world stage and will be investing in this roster and providing the best environment we can, so that our boys can reach the pinnacle of their goals in eSports.

With this in mind we will also be replicating our success with our League of Legends “Legacy Genesis” team by creating the Rocket League “Legacy Genesis” squad as well. Further information about this will follow in the near future.

To continue to develop our players, we will also be developing more content featuring their skills and amazing plays. To this end we have partnered with Community member Doct3r to put together this highlight reel from Week 1 of the ROCET Circuit, in which our boys won the weekly final. A feat they repeated in Week 2! Doct3r has done an amazing job with this video, so stay tuned as more cool content appears on our Youtube channel.

You can follow our Rocket League squad on their personal twitter accounts here:

@GroovyGrapeRL @DrippayRL @RL_SOMA @eren_RL @RL_penor

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