Soulstrikes continues as Legacy Esports LOL Coach for 2018

Legacy is pleased to announce that long time coach Luchio “Soulstrikes” Park will be continuing his tenure with the club.

Joining in Split 2 2015 Soulstrikes has been an integral part of Legacy’s success and it’s ability to develop regional talent. Soulstrikes was innovative with champion picks and pushing the OCE meta in 2017 and he will be looking to push the team further in 2018. His fluency in korean and extensive international knowledge will provide a keen advantage for Legacy in 2018.

Head of Esports Tim Wendel had this to say about Soulstrikes’ re-signing: “Luchio was a great coach to me while I played and taught the boys a lot about macro. I’m looking forward to seeing what exciting things we can do with the roster this year.”

Luchio stated that “It will be exciting to work with Legacy again” as he looks to build upon his past work and build towards success in 2018.

Luchio is still pending approval from Riot.

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