SOMA: A Legend of OCE Rocket League

In the spring of 2016, at a CGPL event at Technology Park in inner Sydney, I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, Zachary “Orion” Renesis, Aaron ‘eren’ Prasser and Tyson ‘SOMA’ Harris. At that time they had departed the Sequential Organisation, and were going independent under the name “Karasuno”. This was a reference I didn’t get until some months later, but was a sign of the team they were and would become. I had heard of the issues they had with attending this LAN, and discretely I had arranged for accommodation for them, so as to allow them to compete at the LAN event.

I was there for that event for CSGO, and the Legacy team won those CGPL nats, meaning I unfortunately missed most of Karasuno’s Grand Final, only catching the last half of the final game in the Grand Final.

“Stupid Easy” was Tyson’s reply to my inquiry as to how he felt the win went. This brash confidence and complete self belief underscored who he was as a person and competitive gamer.

His confidence, easy going character, and my belief that Rocket League would be key to esports growth in a less endemic fan base, saw Tyson and team come under the Legacy banner. Over time players departed, and new members joined the squad, but 2016 was an amazing year for Legacy Rocket League, captained by Soma. It culminated in an epic reverse sweep grand final at PAX AUS 2016, that still ranks as one of my favourite esports memories in my entire time at Legacy.

Tyson also backed himself, always believed he could win, always was a voice in comms exhorting more from his team mates.

2017 saw for the first time, Australia’s opportunity to make a play for the world stage with no less than two spots at the RLCS Worlds finals. This was the goal Soma set his eyes on, this was his holy grail.

Alas it wasn’t to be, a strengthening competition, an influx of new players drawn to the international goal and increased exposure, ramped up the scenes skill level, and while Legacy RL could mix it with the best, taking wins over even the best of teams, the dream to take Soma to worlds was not to be.

Tyson began talking to me during this year about his future, and I gave him all of the time and leeway to decide his own fate, given his long history and loyalty to Legacy. In the past month it has firmed up to a decision that Tyson will be stepping down from full time competitive play, and handing over the reins of the team to recent roster addition Cameron ‘Plitz’ Pleissnitzer who will take over the role of Captain. Along with Aidan ‘Zen’ Hui, Legacy will be looking for a new third member for the core roster, to begin the process of rebuilding and embark on the campaign for international success in 2018.

I personally want to laud Tyson for his amazing dedication to Rocket League and Legacy Esports. The level of effort he has put in, is second to none, and I count it the highest of privileges to have had him in a Legacy Jersey. Legacy Esports counts Soma, along with other retiring players like Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel, as greats that will always be remembered for the contribution to our organisation, and form the vanguard of an illustrious alumni that have truly left their mark on Australian Esports.

Personally, Tyson, we will always have Haikyuu evangelism, discussions on the Sanderson-verse, me getting far too much EPL chat in Discord and I am sure we will find some role for you here at Legacy, no matter what. Its been an honour.



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