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Legacy Esports was an integral part of Oceania’s first ever international victory, combining with The Chiefs and Dire Wolves to take out Rift Rivals 2018.

Once a year, the various regions of the world matchup with their closest competitors in a series of tournaments for Rift Rivals.

Matched up against Japan (LJL) and South-East Asia (SEA), last year’s tournament in Vietnam saw Oceania (OCE) fall in the Gauntlet stage and finish last, but held in Sydney in 2018, a very different result occurred.

The tournament began with the group stage, where the first and second seeded teams from each region played four games, and the third seed played two.

As third seed for OCE, Legacy played twice in the group stage, with one game against the LJL’s Unsold Stuff Gaming and another against SEA’s Mineski.

Against Unsold Stuff, Legacy played a slow and controlling style centred around objective control, and USG were simply unable to answer our superior map control.

In a performance that foreshadowed what was to come, Claire locked in Zoe and ran riot, scooping up kills across the map and dominating his opponent, Garriaru.

In a forgettable series against Mineski, a rough early game put the SEA team in the drivers seat, and Legacy were unable to overcome the deficit.

But heading into the finals, things were about to change.

The Grand Final was a best-of-five blind relay, where each team had to play once in the first three games, and no team could play more then one extra game after that.

The first game saw OCE first seed Direwolves fall to a rampaging Mineski line-up and SEA went up 1-0.

In game two, Legacy were nominated to take on Ascension and what followed was a bloodbath that saw almost two kills happening every minute of gameplay.

Legacy were in the driver’s seat for the majority of the game, but a fumbled team fight at 36 minutes saw Ascension take four kills to one and charge towards the open base.

The only thing standing in their way was Claire…

With his back against the wall, and the weight of an entire region on his shoulders, Claire did the impossible.

In a miracle series of plays, Claire picked off two opponents and forced the remaining Ascension players out of the base, saving the game and the series.

The game remained close, but at 39 minutes both teams squared up around the dragon pit, and Claire once again came up huge, stealing Elder and snagging three kills to win the game.

With the momentum now in OCE’s favour, Legacy handed the rains over to The Chiefs, who demolished the Kuala Lumpur Hunters before smashing Mineski to take the series 3-1.

Standing on stage with fellow Oceanic captains Swip3rR and Shernfire, Claire hoisted the trophy and celebrated Oceania’s first ever victory at an international tournament.

With Rift Rivals now over, we return to the regular OPL season with Legacy taking on Avant Gaming this Saturday from 7:30pm AEST.


– Written by Luke Radford

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