Overwatch team expanding

Legacy Esports has finalised the roster of their newly acquired Overwatch team, with two new players joining the team, along with two staff members.

Lucas ‘Wuvo’ Tyson and Daniel ‘Dench’ Neukom are the new members of the team, in the Flex/DPS and support roles respectively.

They join Cinderella, Skull, Caramelkoala (previously Poom) and captain Straawbella in the finalised team.

Straawbella said that Wuvo and Dench trialled well with the team.

“We found they worked really well with the team, and their personalities fit in well,” Straawbella said.

“Wuvo is going to fill a communication gap in the team. He has the personality for it, but we are trying to bring him up that way.”

“Dench provides a bit more enthusiasm, he’s the one that relaxes the team sometimes. He’s funny but serious when he needs to be, it’s nice to have that person to be the calming influence.”

Wuvo and Dench played together in the last team they were in, while Dench has also played with Straawbella and Caramelkoala previously.

The announcement of Wuvo and Dench coincides with two new support staff joining the team.

Tim ‘Volt’ Clay is the new Overwatch analyst, while Alexander ‘Racquet’ Fenech will coach the team.

Volt has been working with the team for a few weeks now, and Straawbella said he has been an invaluable asset.

“He’s always just on top of everything.  For example, when we ask, ‘when did we last verse this team?’, he can tell us in five seconds, he’s always just on the ball with information,” Straawbella said.

“He does spreadsheets and records our games every night.”

“He also helps us when we have robust discussions, he helps break things down and understand each other better.”

“Everyone really likes him, he’s a really reliable person.”

Racquet is only a few days into his coaching role, but Straawbella said they can already notice the impact he will have.

“He has previously coached a couple of the top teams, already he has proven to be able to understand the team and he is working really well with Volt.”

Legacy welcomes, Wuvo, Dench, Volt and Racquet to the Legacy family and is looking forward to seeing the continued growth of the Overwatch division.

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