OPL Split Two vs. Dire Wolves – Recap

OPL Split Two, Legacy vs. Direwolves

Week Four of the OPL saw Legacy’s League of Legends squad lose 0-2 to reigning champions Dire Wolves.

Game one was a close struggle, with Legacy taking first blood, first tower, and first dragon to get off to an early lead.

However, the Dire Wolves clawed back the advantage with disciplined, deliberate play, and a baron call at 24 minutes gave the Dire Wolves baron and multiple kills.

Despite a solid performance from Raid and Decoy’s Lucian/Braum combo, Legacy were unable to resist the Dire Wolves and the game came to an end at 27 minutes.

In game two, Legacy opted for a stronger scaling comp than in game one, but a monstrous performance from K1NG ended the game long before the team was able to come online.

Despite early advantages to the Dire Wolves, the game was still close until a risky baron call at 23 minutes handed the wolf pack four kills and a massive lead.

Slowly grounding out a larger advantage over the next five minutes, the Dire Wolves took down a baron and ran straight down mid lane to end the game in 32 minutes.

The OPL now goes on a break as Legacy joins the Oceanic squad to compete against South East Asia and Japan at the Rift Rivals tournament this week.

Rift Rivals begins tonight at 5pm AEST, and continues throughout the week until the grand final on Thursday, July 5.


– Written by Luke Radford

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