OPL Split Two vs. Bombers – Recap

OPL Split Two, Legacy vs. Bombers

With our season on the brink, Legacy has dug deep and knocked off the Bombers in the second clash of the AFL OPL teams in Split Two.

Coming off a rough week against Order, Legacy picked an aggressive composition in game one, with Gangplank for Mimic, Kindred for Only, and Claire locking in the first Viktor of Split Two.

In what very quickly became a one sided stomp, Legacy over ran the Bombers with superior macro and team fighting, in part thanks to some fantastic engages by Decoy’s Rakan.

Legacy’s slow methodical pace stretched the Bombers to breaking point, and they managed just two kills in the dying seconds as we took game one.

Game two saw the Bombers fight back with a strong performance from all their players, in particular, top laner Sleeping ran a riot on Irellia (6/3/6).

In game three, Claire picked Zoe, and if you watched Rift Rivals then you know what happened next.

Jokes aside, Claire once again put on a clinic, and schooled the Bombers with a sizzling (7/2/6) performance on what is quickly becoming his most dangerous champion.

But he couldn’t have done it without excellent play by his supporting cast in the form of Mimic’s Poppy (3/1/5), Only’s Sejuani (1/1/12), and Decoy’s Rakan (1/0/7).

Despite hiding under the shadow of Claire’s dominance, Raid also had a strong performance on Jhin (4/1/5).

With the 2-1 victory our season is still alive, but we’ll need a strong performance against the Chiefs Esports Club to stay in the race for a finals berth.

Tune in to the showdown with our old rivals on Friday, from 7pm AEST.


– Written by Luke Radford

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