OCS Roster 2018

Legacy Genesis, Oceanic Challenger Series

Legacy veterans Tim “Carbon” Wendel and An “Minkywhale” Trinh will lead a young and developing team in 2018’s Oceanic Challenger Series.

Luke “Holo” Scott, William “Crayzee” Dobie, Huy “Busybooboo” Huynh and sub David “Beats” Nguyen-Dang will compete alongside Carbon and Minkywhale for Legacy Genesis.

Legacy are the only Oceanic Pro League team who have played in every season of OCS, which features the best amateur teams in Oceania.

Over 13 weeks, 14 teams will battle it out for the chance to challenge for an OPL spot in 2019.

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Thank you, CS:GO

    Legacy Esports would like to thank BL1TZ, Stat, Lacore, LONS and soju_j for

Welcome Denian!

Legacy would like to extend a warm welcome to incoming coach James “Denian” Goddard. Goddard

Farewell Soulstrikes

Today we say goodbye to long time coach Luchio “Soulstrikes” Park. Park had been with