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Legacy’s newest StarCraft II recruit, Ryan “NXZ” Jones, may be hard at work preparing for the upcoming tournament at WCS Austin, but he’s also still coming to terms with it after a sizzling run through the OCE and SEA qualifier at IEM Sydney.

Despite only signing with Legacy two days before the competition began, NXZ went on to finish second in IEM which earned him a spot in WCS Austin.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet I don’t think,” NXZ said.

“I don’t think it’s really going to hit me until I’m there, even in my head right now I’m just telling myself that I’m the same guy I was a month ago, but no, I’m actually going to play against the best players in the world.”

In the lead up to such an important international tournament, NXZ is hard at work preparing for the competition.

“It’s a three-day tournament, so there are too many players to prepare for every single potential matchup,” he said.

“There’s 32 people I could potentially come up against so I can’t sit down and study their individual tendencies.”

“I know personally where I’m not strong enough.”

“Since Sydney, I’ve been improving my play against Terran, and I’m trying to prepare play styles I’m confident in, and that are away from what my opponents are expecting.”

Despite his success at IEM Sydney, NXZ isn’t pretending that the upcoming tournament is going to be easy.

“I’m starting in the top 32 in a group of four, and two people make it out.”

“My first goal is to just win a series, then I’ll see if we can make it out of the group.”

The last hurdle before the final at IEM Sydney was fellow Legacy player, Sean “Probe” Kempen.

“I was really nervous going into the tournament, in the week leading up to it I was having anxiety attacks, and then I had to play Probe who was the favourite for the whole event,” NXZ said.

“I hadn’t played Probe in a long time and since our last match he’d had better results in tournaments and gone international, and in my head I’d built him up as this unbeatable titan.”

“But during the game, I realised he was doing what I expected him to do, or that I was actually defending it, and when I beat him I was so excited that everything after that was just a bonus, because that was the highlight.”

You can catch NXZ in action at WCS Austin from Friday, June 1.


– written by Luke Radford

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