Thank you, CS:GO

    Legacy Esports would like to thank BL1TZ, Stat, Lacore, LONS and soju_j for their support and efforts as Legacy’s CS:GO team in 2018, with the team departing the organisation as Legacy takes their CS:GO strategy in a different direction in 2019. Coach Kingfisher will also be moving on after leading the team in the last few months. The team has competed in a range of tournaments this year including IEM Sydney, the ESL AU&NZ Championships, ESEA Mountain Dew League and the ESL Pro League. In 2019, Legacy will announce their new CS:GO strategy and will re-enter the game at a date that will be determined in the short term. Stay across Legacy’s website and socials in the New Year to ensure you don’t miss any of the upcoming news.    

Welcome Denian!

Legacy would like to extend a warm welcome to incoming coach James “Denian” Goddard. Goddard is a long time LoL player – former pro but most recently coached Chief Academy through the OCS into the OPL beating Tectonic in the final. Goddard will succeed Luchio Park as Legacy’s Head Coach with a focus on the development of the all-new rookie lineup. Head of Esports Tim Wendel had this to say about the new coach: “I was thoroughly impressed with what Denian was able to do with the CHF A roster. Promoting to the OPL is no small feat and I’m hoping those same skills help us to fast track the potential of our 2019 roster.” Goddard also commented: “I am extremely happy to be given this opportunity by Carbon and Legacy as a whole. I feel I helped my players reach a new milestone for themselves in my previous role,…

Farewell Soulstrikes

Today we say goodbye to long time coach Luchio “Soulstrikes” Park. Park had been with the club for almost 3 years – coaching from split 2 2016 onward. With two OPL 2nd place finishes, three 3rd’s and two Rift Rivals – he’s been an important part of Legacy’s history. Head of Esports Tim Wendel said “I’ve worked with Luchio closely for a few years now. We’ve grown together considerably during that time and I’d like to thank him for helping me better my craft as a player and sharing his immense game knowledge with me when I took a step back from the team. I wish him the best of luck in 2019”. Park would also like to say “I’d like to thank Legacy staff and the past roster’s I was provided. Its been an amazing past years”

Legacy’s New LoL Roster

Legacy would like to welcome the following players to club:   Top Daniel “Papryze” Francis Jungle Eldin “Guts” Skenderovic Mid Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney ADC Mark “Praedyth” Lewis Support Damian “Yuzuki” Tu   Head of Esports Tim Wendel had this to say about the new additions: “In 2019 Legacy will be providing opportunities to those who have been on the periphery of OCE LoL but have not yet had the chance to prove themselves. All the boys here are either relatively new to the OPL or in Praedyth’s case – switching roles. I’m looking forward to the challenge of working with a completely new group of players. 2018 was the first year we had almost an entirely new roster (minus Claire) – 2019 will be the first time any of these players have played OPL for us. I’m excited about the potential in this group and can’t wait to get stuck into the new year with…

Legacy says thanks

Legacy Esports thanks Min “Mimic” Ju-Sung, Julian “Raid” Skordos, Daniel “Decoy” Ealam and Jordan “Only” Middleton for their hard work and effort in the Oceanic Pro League and Rift Rivals in 2018. Legacy wishes them all the best for their future endeavours.

Reflecting on 2018 and looking forward to 2019

A Big 2018 and our First Full Year as Legacy Esports  What a 2018 it has been for Legacy Esports and the Adelaide Football Club. The year has seen our teams across League of Legends, Counter Strike, Rocket League, StarCraft II, Overwatch and Smash all achieve excellent results, as teams and individuals. Playing highlights for 2018 include: Third in the OPL in Split One and Two Competing and winning Rift Rivals 2018 for Oceania CS:GO qualifying for IEM Sydney Sean “Probe” Kempen playing at the IEM PyeongChang Winter Olympics Our first community charity event with our Rocket League team working in collaboration with the Red Cross Legacy Esports Behind the Scenes Legacy worked hard in 2018 to build strategies in all areas, including performance, coaching, partnerships, media and content. After the Adelaide Football Club appointed Tim Wendel as Head of Esports in 2017, Tim has gone on to be not…

Rocket League roster moves on

Legacy Esports thanks cyrix, Siki and Daze and substitute Noizee for their efforts in Rocket League in 2018. At the end of this month, the current Rocket League roster will leave Legacy, having represented the organisation for the last nine months. Legacy’s Rocket League manager Tyson ‘SOMA’ Harris will stay on board while Legacy looks at new Rocket League teams in early 2019. Head of Esports Tim Wendel thanked the team for their hard work in 2018. “I’d like to thank the Rocket League boys for all their hard work this year. The team has been a pleasure to work with and I wish them the best for 2019.” Since Legacy picked up the team in February, the team finished in the top-two in the Throwdown OCE Championships and placed third in the Throwdown OCE Open Series. They also attended the Gfinity LAN competition under Ground Zero and participated in…

New look Overwatch roster

    A new look Legacy Esports Overwatch roster has been announced ahead of Contender Season Three. Thy ‘Mini’ Le (Offtank), Jack ‘Thunderkitten’ Taylor (Support), Bryce ‘Special Kid’ Lenthall (Support), James ‘Sleepeasy’ Zhang (Flex DPS) and Elliot ‘Addy’ Dunne (HS DPS) are the new members of the team. Mini’s DVA bombs are a sight to behold and something to look out for. The intensity and roar of comms she gives off in scrims is pleasantly surprising, given she is shy. Thunderkitten has been around Oceania Overwatch for a long time. His upbeat attitude and constant hype keep the ball going and his understanding of the game, especially on support heroes, is impressive. Special Kid has an astonishing amount of impact of gams. His support hero understanding and consistent play-making, especially with long-range Ana Nades or Zen right click pick across the map, are going to have a huge effect on…

Kingfisher to coach CS:GO

David ‘Kingfisher’ Kingsford has joined the Legacy CS:GO team as coach for the rest of the year. The end of 2018 will be big for the CS:GO team, having qualified to compete in the ESL AU&NZ Championship finals at Supernova in Brisbane in November, while currently playing in the ESEA Mountain Dew League, ESL Pro League Oceania and the LPL Pro ANZ Invitational. Having Kingfisher to guide them through those tournaments is a real boost for the CS:GO team, after previous manager Iain ‘SnypeR’ Turner left the team in August. Head of Esports Tim Wendel said he is looking forward to Kingfisher joining the team. “I’m excited to see the direction that the team heads in under Kingfisher’s leadership,” Wendel said. “There have been some strategic adjustments made already and I hope it will help us finish the year off strongly.” Kingfisher is a 22-year-old marketing graduate who started playing…

Straawbella retires from OW

After captaining Legacy’s Overwatch team to an equal fifth place Contenders finish last split, Isabella ‘Straawbella’ Chan has announced her retirement from the game. When Legacy Esports acquired an Overwatch team in February this year, Straawbella was the team’s marquee player and she has led the team well over the last eight months. Earlier in her esports career, Straawbella made history by being the first female to play in the Oceanic Pro League while also playing for Legacy. Straawbella is retiring from Overwatch to take a break from competing, as she been competitive in karate and then golf and finally in gaming for as long as she can remember. After she has a much-needed break, she will potentially return to where her gaming journey began, playing League, because of the more established pathways. “League is more developed as a whole and there’s more possible career pathways, including fulltime,” Straawbella said….