New look Overwatch roster



A new look Legacy Esports Overwatch roster has been announced ahead of Contender Season Three.

Thy ‘Mini’ Le (Offtank), Jack ‘Thunderkitten’ Taylor (Support), Bryce ‘Special Kid’ Lenthall (Support), James ‘Sleepeasy’ Zhang (Flex DPS) and Elliot ‘Addy’ Dunne (HS DPS) are the new members of the team.

Mini’s DVA bombs are a sight to behold and something to look out for. The intensity and roar of comms she gives off in scrims is pleasantly surprising, given she is shy.

Thunderkitten has been around Oceania Overwatch for a long time. His upbeat attitude and constant hype keep the ball going and his understanding of the game, especially on support heroes, is impressive.

Special Kid has an astonishing amount of impact of gams. His support hero understanding and consistent play-making, especially with long-range Ana Nades or Zen right click pick across the map, are going to have a huge effect on Legacy’s games.

Originally trialling for support in the team, Sleepeasy has transitioned to Flex DPS and has filled those shoes beautifully. His comms and experience are major assets to the team.

Addy is a wildcard, he just pops up in the most insane situations and shakes up the tempo of the game completely. His Hitscan aim is also phenomenal and his constant communication is a huge boost for the team.

The final-standing inaugural member of the team, Daniel ‘Cinderella’ van Twest, is the newly appointed captain Legacy Overwatch.

He can’t wait to lead his new team in Contenders, which will get underway in November.

“I am very excited to have them all on board, they all bring a great amount of flexibility and potential to the team and I am looking forward to seeing what season three has in store for Team Legacy,” Cinderella said.

This announcement comes after Straawbella retired from Overwatch last week.

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