Legacy Lands in Korea

Ahead of the 2018 competitive year our League of Legends team and coach Luchio Park will be heading to Korea to engage in a three week boot camp. This will mark the first opportunity for the new roster to link up with their Korean top laner Min “Mimic” Ju-sung and work together as a complete unit.

The Korean competitive matchmaking scene is considered the most difficult of every region, unsurprising considering their resounding success at a professional level. Therefore, the team plans to use the time in Korea honing in on their individual skills by playing solo que, to ensure their mechanics are at an elite standard.

Legacy’s head of Esports Tim Wendel is excited to see the results of the boot camp.

“We went earlier this year in April for two weeks and it was an incredible experience. We saw huge improvements in that period of time and for a new, young side, having competitive experience at this level will be invaluable.”

“At this point we will be avoiding scrimming to focus on individual skills. Game theory and team fighting is something the boys can work on when they get home and they want to utilise that environment to its fullest.”

This isn’t to say that the team won’t be working closely together, and they will notably develop strong comradery as they live and work together over the three week period. The team leaves on Saturday the 16th and will spending Christmas on Korean soil before returning to Australia on the 6th of January.

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