Legacy CSGO Post Zen League Review

After five weeks of games in the ZEN League, the season has come to end. A run through the closed qualifier saw us qualify for ZEN League following a win against SIN Gaming. For a new lineup such as ours, it was a great achievement to compete in the ZEN League as the most prestigious competition in our region fielding the six best CS:GO teams from Oceania. Despite coming into the tournament as the underdog, we managed to take maps off top teams such as Grayhound, Tainted Minds and Athletico. After wrapping up our last game with a 1-1 draw against Athletico, this is what the players had to say:

You managed to take maps off Tainted Minds, Athletico and Grayhound over the course of the season in the ZEN League, are you satisfied with these results?

Stuart “sonic” Rayner: Yeah, I’m really happy with how we went for the season. Obviously it would have been nice to get the 2-0 against Athletico and secure Legacy’s spot in the next season of ZEN league, but coming into it I don’t think anyone would have expected us to play at the level that we did.

Did you achieve your goals for this ZEN League season and what have you learned from this season?

Sam “mizu” Richardson: Of course I’m not happy with our result, we didn’t qualify for LAN. However, it has put where I am as a player and team mate into perspective and opened new lines of thought for improvement.

You won the Australian Esports Masters in Adelaide in September, did the win give your team a confidence boost going into your next matches?

Matthew “mattcd” Lenard: I wouldn’t say so no, it was great to win AEM but no top tier teams were there, however it did make us more excited to play CS:GO.

Moving forward, sonic is departing the team but standing in until you have found a replacement for him. What are your plans as a team for the future?

Nikhil “NikkeZ” Victor: The departure of Stuart was quite surprising for us. ZEN showed that we were making progress as at the beginning we were a completely new team getting no maps, but the last 3 rounds we split. So for now it’s about assessing possible replacements and thinking about the longer term future instead of what is in front of us (ESEA).

With no Asia Minor Open Qualifier, our CSGO roster only has the ESEA Mountain Dew League to focus on for the rest of the year. At this point we will be focusing on building our roster for 2018 and looking after our key players, so we will be taking a step back from attempting to play in everything. This will allow us the space to focus on “doing it right” without urgent time pressures or competition deadlines. Look for announcements from us in the near future on our full development plans for CSGO in 2018.

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