Farewell, SMITE.



Today we bid farewell to Legacy SMITE. Business Manager Michael Carmody, who was on board of the team’s journey from the beginning, has written a few words about the team and their time under Legacy.


Over two years ago, through the introduction of a man still prominent in Aussie esports, I started the first steps in a long journey that is AU Smite. DJDan, as he was initially known to me, convinced me of an up and coming team that needed some structure and support to really make an impact in the scene.


That first season we picked up a team (OnlyGoodAtSolo, Shred, Weave, Agony and Hs247, ably constructed and managed by Dukey) that had performed very well online, and it was my personal aim to get them to LAN, and start to build the experience that is very much needed when new teams get together online. This team had been struggling with team communications and relationships, and I very much had to play Manager and Dad to what was one of the youngest teams in AU at the time. They got to LAN and performed very poorly, basically shell-shocked by playing their game in front of a crowd, in a very different environment to their bedroom.


Unfortunately despite my best efforts that initial roster disbanded and my long-term intentions for a very promising up and coming team came to naught. One young man, known as Weave proved to have a maturity well beyond his years. He stuck with Legacy, and has been the only continuous member of Legacy Esports Smite. In fact one of the longest continuing Legacy Esports player outside of Carbon himself.


While I was sad the initial roster fell apart,  it did allow me to meet and get to know many people in the AU Smite scene, and discover their passion and intensity for a title that doesn’t really appear on many esports fans radar.


Despite these early stumbles I convinced Legacy to continue in Smite, and we picked up the core of a roster that would stay with us over the long haul, built around Weave himself.


iDivine, ElChuckles, Limits, Yada and Weave, supported by sub Laney was the beginning of a core that would survive longer than nearly any other, and played finals at the very first IEM Sydney event.


This roster changed in small ways over time, FreeMason came in for our victory in Split 2 and discovered he had an awesome LAN buff.


At this time the Pandamonium/Dire Wolves roster were the NUMBER ONE in AU Smite, and had dominated the scene since the beginning. Legacy being the plucky number two always challenging the champion, was in a very familiar space for us, and despite split after split of not taking them down, it culminated in a victory in Split 2 2017 where we took down the long-reigning champs at the CyberGamer studio. Shortly after this, the DW team disbanded.


We continued to support the team, and unfortunately, the next international trip, playing the qualifying finals at PAX 2017 saw the boys fall short in a nail-biting 5 match series. It was at this point we were very much a large supporter of Smite, talking with the Publisher directly, engaging significantly with the tournament organiser, engaging an NA based coach (Gizzamaluke, we could have done SO MUCH together… I’m sad for paths unwalked), to support Gruff our AU based coach, all to develop the boys further. We were looking to continue and push harder, ever more hungry for success.


But “once more unto the fray”, (one of a few unofficial Legacy mottoes), and we committed to our team for the beginning of 2018, very shortly after PAX 2017.


At this time Limits stepped away from the team and original smite member Hs247 (now known as MingYu) came home to play in the 2018 season.


It was at this point that despite meeting with HiRez at the highest levels, in both Australia and in their office in NA, that we hit a rather determined brick wall. Legacy with AFC support was pushing for expansion, potentially into other HiRez titles, but was stymied at every point by HiRez.


Shortly the news got worse with a radical re-think of how the international leagues were going to be run. A significantly poorer structure, complete abandonment of all locally available stream content, reduction in financial support, and the removal of all LAN events, made AU Smite a pale insubstantial shadow of what it once was. We managed to bring HiRez management to the table one last time, and received a very reluctant confirmation that international smite was very much not their priority anymore.


We couldn’t do any more. Despite being one of the mainstays of AU Smite, and having done everything we could to build the AU scene, we had to finally throw in the towel, and accept the publisher did not want us to partner with them in any way, or even to exist at all.


And so Legacy’s journey in AU Smite comes to an end. Sadly, with a whimper, some fond memories, and mostly just a sense of disappointment in the Publisher.


I want to thank the lads who have been in the team over the years, and especially thank the extremely loyal core that stuck with us longer than most in nearly any esports title in the country.


It has been a pleasure to work with you all, and I hope that you manage to get something out of the new AU Smite League they have recently put together.


– Michael Carmody


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