Competitive Ruling: Min “Mimic” Ju-Sung

As part of the recruitment process players a subject to behaviour checks by Riot Oceania. Min “Mimic” Ju-Sung was shown to have exhibited poor behaviour in Solo Queue while in Korea and will receive a suspension of 2 weeks. We accept Riot’s ruling and have made plans to replace Mimic for the first 2 weeks of the OPL. We do not condone toxic behaviour in any game and will be supporting Mimic to ensure that he learns from this experience and is able to play the rest of the 2018 competitive year with the club.


We would like to take this moment to thank Evan “Ceres” Mascarenhas for subbing in during Mimic’s suspension. A special thanks also to OCS team Crimson Gaming for loaning him to us during this period.

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