Brandon ‘Claire’ Nguyen continues his Legacy in 2018

Legacy Esports is pleased to announce that Mid Laner Brandon Nguyen has re-signed for 2018.

Known as ‘Claire’, he had a string of strong performances this year, preferring control based champions in the mid lane. While having a long history in League of Legends, Claire only debuted in the OPL in 2017. His re-signing with Legacy for 2018 will allow him to establish his reputation as a premiere mid-laner in the national competition.

Head of Esports Tim Wendel said Claire was an important signing when considering the balance of the League of Legends team.

“His preferences of champion allow him to be a rock in the mid lane and really open up the game for our carries to shine,” Wendel said.

“With Claire’s experience and our yet to be announced talented roster lineup, I have no doubt there will some great synergy in the team especially after our boot camp in Seoul,” Wendel said.

Claire is still pending approval from Riot.

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