Around the Grounds with Legacy Esports

The year is already half over, and we have many seasons in full swing! So to keep you guys up to date with all the happenings here at Legacy, we have put together this round up encompassing all of our teams!


Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen at the recent ESL Studio WSC Qualifiers

Starcraft II

So we only just announced Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen joining our organisation, barely hours before he disappeared off to sunny Valencia, and we have received an invitation for him to attend the Home Story Cup. This is a prestigious domestic LAN based in western Germany (near Cologne), with top tier international players also attending.

We are still reorganising the logistics to get Sean from Spain -> Germany on short notice (Hello Paris!), and eventually back home to Australia, but we certainly hit the ground running here at Legacy! We are always excited for our players to have international opportunities, and so are doing everything we can to give Sean as much time on the world stage as we can.




Legacy Smite performing at IEM Sydney

We have been working on the support staff for all of our teams, in the form of analysts, coaches and team managers. Recently we have been working with our Smite team to find a coach to assist with their performance, and Matthew ‘Shruix’ Pini has been the first person in that role for Legacy Smite. We have been grateful to Matthew for his assistance, but he will be released from this role as we are excited to announce Alex ‘Gruff’ Brown, former pro Smite OPL player will be taking the role as coach. We are gearing up for a big Split 3, and to book a place at the Smite World Championships.

In the meantime though our smite lads will be looking to repeat their Split 2 form at the CGPL Smite LAN the weekend of the 29th and 30th . This will see ourselves, Direwolves, Skyfire and Kanga Esports square off for a $10,000 prize pool at the Cybergamer Studios in Adelaide. Tickets are available to purchase here.


Chris ‘Chrisoaow’ Forman at the recent finals event for ESL AU & NZ Champs


It’s peak CSGO for us at the moment, with our boys currently competing in the Mountain Dew League ESEA-P, ESL AU & NZ Champs, Australian Esports Masters, and only just recently finishing off a CGPL campaign, that saw us miss LAN finals by the skin of our teeth. We have been working with our roster and looking to expand with the addition of some permanent subs, allowing us to rotate and rest players during these peak periods. You will see some new names in our competitions over the next little while, but please make them feel welcome.



Legacy LOL team resting in the players lounge at Rift Rivals In Vietnam

League of Legends

After competing at League of Origin, the first 3 weeks of the OPL, and returning from Rift Rivals in Vietnam our LOL boys have been running non stop from Rift to Rift. This gained them a wealth of experience, including valuable international experience. We will be looking to take on the back half of this season, and fight our way to the Worlds Event in China. Vietnam was a great experience for our relative “rookies” in Lost, Cupcake and Claire, and we will be looking to convert that to some strong showings in the OPL ahead of our marquee matchup vs Chief Esports in Week 5.



Rocket League

Our Captain SOMA, on stage before his Finals win at #PAXAUS 2016

With long term player Aaron ‘eren’ Prasser stepping down from competitive play, and Matt ‘GroovyGrape’ Nicolopoulos going back to study, we have been looking for a roster to take to the field for the upcoming Throwdown and ESL Seasons. It has been a long process, with Captain Tyson ‘SOMA’ Harris trialling to find the right teammates to fit in a team of only 3 core players. So it is with much joy we can finally announce Legacy’s Rocket League roster.

Cameron ‘Plitz’ Pleissnitzer is a name often seen in the local Rocket League scene, and despite his humble “PS4” origins, has seen appearances in the Finals of ROCET, RLO’s The Chase, Cybergamer and the ESL AU & NZ Champs League. He has been committed to top level play and we welcome him as a worthy addition to the squad.

He will be joined by Aidan ‘ZeN’ Hui, a relatively young face in the scene. Aidan has also been in a variety of teams, and has been building his professional standing over the past 18 months. Often the standout player in the rosters that he has featured in, we are happy to find him a new home here at Legacy. We are always committed to developing talent and providing them with opportunities to take their skill to the world stage, and will be working with our extremely experienced veteran Captain to give these guys every opportunity to improve and shine.


Super Smash Bros.

Miles with his “winnings” in a SoCal Valentines Day event

With EVO in Las Vegas happening all too soon, Miles ‘DonB’ Dobney will be starting his Summer of Smash by attending and trying out his NA honed skills on the big stage. Miles has been based in the US for the last few months now, and has been immersed in the SoCal Smash scene to develop his play style. We have been seeing dividends in this approach with him claiming wins over NA ranked players and booking in appearances at SmashCon and Big House. We may have to send help though, because as a former professional poker player, Mr. Dobney is planning to hustle some tables after EVO finishes in Las Vegas….

DonB will be returning to Australia towards the end of the year, and looking to put into effect all of his hard earned experience in the Australian Smash fighting scene.

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