On the 4th of July 2014, Legacy eSports was born.


Legacy eSports is one of the more established and successful organisations in the burgeoning Oceanic Region.

The team formerly known Avant Garde Ascension decided to leave Avant Gaming and start their own organisation. Going by the name Legacy eSports, the team has seen immediate and long lasting success in the Oceanic Region. The team’s goal is to build a brand that both players and fans can get behind as they represent Oceania internationally.

Legacy eSports has been the International WildCard Representative for 2014, and has played in the finals of the OPL every split to date.

We are proud to be Ambassadors for HyperX ANZ  as we partner together in success and growth.

Contact: manager@legacyesports.com.au

If you need the Legacy Logo for media use you can find it here.