Legacy eSports has always been about long term player development. We look to find and develop talented players who are wanting to push on to be the best in the world. When we entered Smite in mid 2016 we initially picked up a squad of very young players (with an average age of 16) and were looking to build into them over a two year period and develop them to be the best this nation and hopefully the world has scene.


This requires players being committed and dedicated to partnering with us in this goal, and so in 2017 we are sad to see OnlyGoodAtSolo and Shred move on to an independant team, and Hs247 moving onto a big opportunity with the LG Dire Wolves.


Nonetheless Legacy does not do things by half measures, and so we have confirmed our 2017 Smite OPL Split 1 roster around our support from 2016, Daniel ‘Weave’ Stevenson, and the former core from Avant Garde, plus a rising star formerly of Alpha Sydney from Split 3 2016.


This roster has impressed us with their discipline, experience, and commitment to the game of Smite, and the scene as a whole. Their LAN experience and record is impressive, and we believe that a partnership between this squad and Legacy eSports for the long term is something that will truly bear fruit.

Legacy has a long and proven history of looking after its players and teams, and so when a disciplined and dedicated squad can match culturally with the “Legacy Way”, we are more than happy to continue to invest, care and value aspiring esport professionals.

Our 2017 Roster is:


Daniel ‘Weave’ Stevenson – Support
Riki ‘Yada’ Wellington – Jungle
Regan ‘Liimits’ Bell – ADC
Cody ‘iDivine’ Davies – Captain & Mid
Joshua ‘ElChuckles’ Bruce – Solo
Dylan ‘JustLaney’ Lane – Sub

You can follow the team on their personal twitter handles:

They play the first game of the Smite OPL this weekend, which is an opening Super Weekend seeing us square up against Pretty Boiz and Shalom!

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