Legacy eSports started with League of Legends, and as much as we love our developing esports family, Summoners Rift always has a special place in our hearts. Our roster for League is something that reflects on the entire history of the organisation since inception.

For 2017 we are fielding the most significant changes to our roster since we first started. As our fans might have seen, our long serving mid laner, Aaron ‘ChuChuZ’ Bland has moved to rival org Tainted Minds, and our 2016 ADC Calvin ‘k1ng’ Truong has returned to Dire Wolves.

Lastly Mike ‘Cuden’ Le has been released from the roster as we look to expand and build our line up for this VERY big 2017.

We would like to thank all of our past serving players, for everything they have done for Legacy, for the joy of celebrating the wins, for the endurance in the hard times and losses, and for simply being a part of the family.


In 2016 we founded our gaming house, and saw that the increased focus on player support, lead us to two top of the ladder finishes in Split 1 & 2 of 2016. This year with all OPL teams moving into gaming houses, it present the biggest challenge to date to maintain Legacy eSports as one of the best teams in League of Legends in the region.


So without further todo, our 2017 Roster!

James ‘Tally’ Shute

Tim ‘ Carbon’ Wendel

Brandon ‘ Claire’ Nguyen

Lawrence ‘Lost’ Hui

Andy ‘Cupcake’ Van der Vyver


The backbone of this team is a familiar duo of Carbon and Tally (the MVP’s of Split 1 & 2) in Jungle and Top respectively, Tally’s breakout play in the move to top in 2016, and his ongoing standout performances will see him develop from a “rookie” to a maturing professional that will form a pillar of the team in the Top Lane.

Our captain and master strategist Carbon continues to call the shots from the Jungle, setting up his lanes to carry in true strategic style. Carbon is one of the oldest players in the OPL, and brings  wealth of experience simply not available to other organisations, while maintain the mechanical skill to outplay Junglers many years his younger.

The first of our ‘new’ faces, is actually an old family member from 2015. Claire was the mid laner for our Legacy Genesis team, the very first OCS team to ever promote to the OPL. Claire has also spent a season in Japan playing in their equivalent of the OCS, and has shown true tactical genius in his mid lane control and outplays. We expect Claire to take it to every mid laner in the region and leave them in his dust as he displays true mechanical skill.

In the ADC role we see a new face to the Legacy in Lost, who was formally on the Tainted Minds team (the former OCS Chiefs Black). Lost has been ineligible to play due to age restrictions, and so is also the youngest Legacy player in this line up. We at Legacy are delighted to promote young and upcoming talent, and so having Lost debut in the OPL on Legacy eSports roster is a testament to Lost’s skill and our dedication to developing players. His playstyle might seem reminiscent of our former ADC k1ng, but Lost approaches the role in a fundamentally different way and we are very excited to see how he grows over the coming season. Lost is also our first OPL starting roster New Zealand citizen, along with his bot lane duo partner.

Finally our Support role is being more than ably filled by Cupcake, who is also from New Zealand, meaning that our roster is 40% Kiwi this split! Cupcake recently helped Exile 5 promote to the OPL and now brings his strong laning to the LGC bottom lane. He and Lost are a strong duo who will be looking to make their mark on the OPL in 2017, with both having literally fought their way successfully into the League.

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