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Legacy eSports has been involved in the Rocket League scene now for over 6 months. This has seen our roster perform to a high level and be a strong contender in the scene reliably over this period, and seen the organisation become more experienced in how to engage and support the Rocket League Community. Our [...]
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Miles 'DonB' Dobney has dedicated himself to the art of SSBM and has continued to push himself to achieve at the highest level he can. We are impressed with his work ethic, goals and attitude to competition, so we are very proud to see him pick up the tree logo and represent Legacy eSports. Miles [...]
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Legacy eSports has been continuing its investment and development of the Australian and New Zealand eSports scene in recent months, as we look to continue our mission to build eSports as a legitimate career, and continue to espouse our vision of "player first" focus and development. If you ever wanted to know what the criteria [...]
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